How to Avoid the Paralysis of Fear

Let Reality Crush Fear as You Embrace Vulnerability as a Weapon Whether in school, in life, or in practice, we’ve all experienced fear.  The paralysis from this emotion is demoralizing.  But, far worse, is when it prevents us from growth as we seek shelter in it.  That cozy dark section of our mind where noContinue reading “How to Avoid the Paralysis of Fear”

Chiropractic Marketing – What You Must Do Now!

Old School Methods, New Age Methods, and What’s Working Now Welcome Back Chiro Brothers and Sisters, A new wave of COVID-19 has us all a little concerned about the future of our communities and our ability to deliver services.  I hope this podcast finds you well and in a position to deliver services and valueContinue reading “Chiropractic Marketing – What You Must Do Now!”

Have You Gone Virtual with Social Media Marketing?

Marketing Diamond – Part 3 (Social Media) With the current state of the world, everyone is going virtual. Whether its an at-home office or trolling social media platforms, the world has made an even greater shift towards technological dependence. Therefore, chiropractic offices need to take note especially with their marketing procedures. Seminars and lunch andContinue reading “Have You Gone Virtual with Social Media Marketing?”