Stop Killing Your Practice by Thinking You’re Worthless

People Need Help and They Are Spending Money

Hey Docs,

It’s a harsh statement, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  Most of us are afraid of the word “sales.”  Most of us are stuck in a discount/poverty mindset.  And most of us aren’t growing enough to see the dial change from roughly 10% market share for our profession.

So, we are killing ourselves by thinking that we are worthless.  

Yet, there are so many people paying lots of money for services that we are best suited to provide.  STOP… I mean really, STOP!  Read that again.

If that is true (and it is), then the crime is not in giving too much care.  The crime is in giving too little value for the dollars the patient spends.  If you are afraid to treat a patient over months or years to give them the results they desperately desire, then get the hell out of the profession.

It’s time to know our worth and be compensated for it.  Again, people are paying money to someone and generally someone who does only a fraction of what you can do.  Be the high value expert you are and don’t be afraid to collect on what you deliver.

This podcast will help you change your mindset on the topic.  

Good Luck and #keepmoving

Grow Your Practice Quickly by Understanding One Concept!

The Evil of Self-Limiting Belief & The Power of the Mindset Shift

Hey Docs,

As a student and as a new doctor, life can be difficult.  You are surrounded by struggle and negativity all while amassing a ridiculous amount of debt.  Even better, you are continuously reminded of the statistics surrounding success in the chiropractic profession.  

Well, I can’t help that.

But I can help you with something else.  I can help you with the realization and understanding of one concept that can unleash you from this crappy scenario.  

Self-limiting beliefs are at the heart of all suffering and stagnation.  And if that is true (which it is) then identifying these beliefs and shifting your mindset is the key toward building lasting success.

Enjoy this podcast as it dives into the 5 different types of self-limiting beliefs and shares a story of how they were needlessly hampering the success and confidence of a chiropractic student.  

Hopefully you can find a few gems that allow you to break free from your self-imposed cage.  Hopefully it will push you towards experiencing a better life.

Good luck and #keepmoving

Why Your Patients Don’t Come Back

Connection yields Retention

Hey Docs,

This episode hits pretty hard for some of you.  Patient acquisition is very important, but patient retention is the lifeblood of a practice.  It doesn’t matter how many patients come through the front door if they just sprint to the exit.

I recently discussed this concept with a chiropractic student.  He had just finished a fantastic seminar.  Many of the best and brightest minds in our profession provided him a great deal of solid information.  But there was a problem… a really big one.

“How are you going to get the patient to understand all that?”

It was a very simple question that was received by a very long silence and quite a lot of head scratching.  The answer was eventually, “we never really talk about that.”


This podcast is dedicated to these unfortunate truths.  If we can’t connect with the patient, the patient won’t understand our value.  Even worse, if another doctor does connect with a patient, the patient won’t even care about the value… they’ll just say “yes.”  

This is why there are many practices that provide little value, yet experience massive financial success.  Patients generally care more about connection than outcomes.  

The magic is when you deliver both.   When connection is established and value is delivered, your patients will do what we all want… stay, pay, and refer!

Enjoy, Good Luck, and #keepmoving

The One Catalyst to Chiropractic Success

Presentation – The Difference between Failure and Success

Hey Docs,

As promised we are going to discuss the art of “PRESENTATION” as the main topic of this podcast.  And yes, it is the one catalyst that will drive you towards lasting practice success faster than any other variable.

But no, this is not a “presentation” like the  solar system at the 5th grade science fair.  On the contrary, this is how you draw out the most important aspects of the patients existence while finding the epic conflict in their life.  Then how you formulate their perfect ending where they ride off into the sunset (telling everyone about you).  And most importantly, how you position yourself as the expert guide that will lead them through the many challenges they face on their quest to recovery.  

Sound familiar… as Donald Miller teaches in Marketing Made Simple, it is the basic construct to every “good” story/movie/series presented since the beginning of language.  

Listen and enjoy this podcast to understand how you can leverage the power of stories and the power of presentation for the benefit of your patients and your practice!

Good luck and #keepmoving