Stop Killing Your Practice by Thinking You’re Worthless

People Need Help and They Are Spending Money Hey Docs, It’s a harsh statement, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  Most of us are afraid of the word “sales.”  Most of us are stuck in a discount/poverty mindset.  And most of us aren’t growing enough to see the dial change from roughly 10%Continue reading “Stop Killing Your Practice by Thinking You’re Worthless”

Grow Your Practice Quickly by Understanding One Concept!

The Evil of Self-Limiting Belief & The Power of the Mindset Shift Hey Docs, As a student and as a new doctor, life can be difficult.  You are surrounded by struggle and negativity all while amassing a ridiculous amount of debt.  Even better, you are continuously reminded of the statistics surrounding success in the chiropracticContinue reading “Grow Your Practice Quickly by Understanding One Concept!”

Why Your Patients Don’t Come Back

Connection yields Retention Hey Docs, This episode hits pretty hard for some of you.  Patient acquisition is very important, but patient retention is the lifeblood of a practice.  It doesn’t matter how many patients come through the front door if they just sprint to the exit. I recently discussed this concept with a chiropractic student. Continue reading “Why Your Patients Don’t Come Back”

The One Catalyst to Chiropractic Success

Presentation – The Difference between Failure and Success Hey Docs, As promised we are going to discuss the art of “PRESENTATION” as the main topic of this podcast.  And yes, it is the one catalyst that will drive you towards lasting practice success faster than any other variable. But no, this is not a “presentation”Continue reading “The One Catalyst to Chiropractic Success”