Why Your Patients Don’t Come Back

Connection yields Retention

Hey Docs,

This episode hits pretty hard for some of you.  Patient acquisition is very important, but patient retention is the lifeblood of a practice.  It doesn’t matter how many patients come through the front door if they just sprint to the exit.

I recently discussed this concept with a chiropractic student.  He had just finished a fantastic seminar.  Many of the best and brightest minds in our profession provided him a great deal of solid information.  But there was a problem… a really big one.

“How are you going to get the patient to understand all that?”

It was a very simple question that was received by a very long silence and quite a lot of head scratching.  The answer was eventually, “we never really talk about that.”


This podcast is dedicated to these unfortunate truths.  If we can’t connect with the patient, the patient won’t understand our value.  Even worse, if another doctor does connect with a patient, the patient won’t even care about the value… they’ll just say “yes.”  

This is why there are many practices that provide little value, yet experience massive financial success.  Patients generally care more about connection than outcomes.  

The magic is when you deliver both.   When connection is established and value is delivered, your patients will do what we all want… stay, pay, and refer!

Enjoy, Good Luck, and #keepmoving

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