The One Catalyst to Chiropractic Success

Presentation – The Difference between Failure and Success

Hey Docs,

As promised we are going to discuss the art of “PRESENTATION” as the main topic of this podcast.  And yes, it is the one catalyst that will drive you towards lasting practice success faster than any other variable.

But no, this is not a “presentation” like the  solar system at the 5th grade science fair.  On the contrary, this is how you draw out the most important aspects of the patients existence while finding the epic conflict in their life.  Then how you formulate their perfect ending where they ride off into the sunset (telling everyone about you).  And most importantly, how you position yourself as the expert guide that will lead them through the many challenges they face on their quest to recovery.  

Sound familiar… as Donald Miller teaches in Marketing Made Simple, it is the basic construct to every “good” story/movie/series presented since the beginning of language.  

Listen and enjoy this podcast to understand how you can leverage the power of stories and the power of presentation for the benefit of your patients and your practice!

Good luck and #keepmoving

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