Confused on Where to Start with Rehab?

With So Many Options It Can Be Difficult to Stay Confident

Hey Chiros,

When we leave school we are never smarter, yet never more unprepared to deliver that knowledge to the market.  This is why we struggle so much with attrition and success across our profession.

This podcast dives into that disconnect with specific focus on giving rehab/home exercise programs.

Too many times we see young doctors and students wanting to jump to the end.  They have so much awareness of assessment and treatment from school and seminars.  But, they neglect that real world practice is not like a test in school.  Jumping to the end does not get you an “A,” it gets you a major problem.

Enjoy this podcast as we discuss dosing a patient’s wants so that you can eventually attack what the patient needs.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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