Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Make 204K within the First Few Years of Chiro Practice?

The One Thing To Understand Before Starting a Practice is…

Every chiro student will have to do the same things regardless of their practice decision.  In other words, whether or not you are an employee, independent contract, or solo practitioner, what you do to succeed will be the same.

If you’ve listened to this podcast, you know we push students toward business ownership unless they have a great opportunity as an employee.  But it is also very true that there are risks with this decision.

One of the metrics to consider is REVENUE/SQUARE FOOT/HOUR.  You don’t have to be a math major to understand that this is really just a profitability exercise:

  1. To be profitable I need to make a lot of REVENUE, “or”
  2. To be profitable I need to make a certain amount of REVENUE per SQUARE FOOT of office space, “or”
  3. To be insanely profitable I need to maximize the amount of HOURS I/we work to generate the maximum REVENUE per SQUARE FOOT possible with the lowest overhead.  

Again, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this podcast will help you understand that the 3rd scenario is best.  Yet, that isn’t what you see in most practices; especially, those stuck in “old school” thought.

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Good Luck and #keepmoving.

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