2 Things New Chiropractors Fear Most and Should Attack First

Knowing Them is One Thing. Accepting and Overcoming the Fear Surrounding Them is Another.

Any new professional will have challenges.  Imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and many other emotions will gnaw at the best of us.

Many professions see their young graduates go on to quick and substantial success.  And while I wish I could say that is true for chiropractic, we both know that is simply not the case.

After nearly a century and a half in existence we are still eating our own young.  After that many years, we are still operating off the same practice management dogma, educating the same curriculum, and still providing dismal opportunities to our fresh graduates.

So, what’s the solution?

As we’ve discussed in previous podcasts, it is the duty of the successful chiropractor to start creating better opportunities for bright, new doctors.  But it is also important for current students and recent grads to understand some important areas of focus that aren’t discussed in chiro school. 

This podcast is dedicated to the 2 most important things a student or recent grad can focus on to change their immediate future.  Good luck and prepare to broaden your perspective. 

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