How Will You Make it Work?

Student Loans, Business Acumen, & Practice Competence

Hello Chiropractors,

Welcome back to the ChiroPCP podcast. Today we are going to be talking about how you make the big 3 work once you are out of school. The big 3 are referenced above but in case you are adamantly against backtracking, here you go:

  1. How will you manage your Student Loans?
  2. How will you develop good Business Acumen?
  3. How will you gain Practice Competence?

So is this more for the younger doc? Yup, but older docs can take practice inventory to ensure they are doing well and adapt where they aren’t. Regardless here are the main focus points:

  • Figure out your best strategy for tackling student loans and never forget that becoming wildly successful so that you can pay them off at the end of tax season is a great strategy.
  • Having a mentor or coach that helps you “burst at the seams” as soon as possible is a great way to achieve the aforementioned strategy.
  • Be aware that the ticket to practice competence is ultimately patients/patience. You have to be patient with your progression but also never miss the opportunity to gain a small ounce of competence with every single patient encounter.

This is a long one, but I was passionate about it’s importance. Enjoy it and hopefully take something that will help you have the best day, week, month, and year of your life.

Good Luck and #keepmoving,


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