Did You Make the Right Choice?

Was Chiropractic the Right Career Choice?

We all started with different stories in how we found chiropractic and how it impacted our lives. 

Then we started school and received roughly the same education, passing the same tests, and graduating with the same degrees.

Why then is there so much variance within our profession regarding earnings/salary?
Why is there a $100,000 swing from the average of the best and worst states?
Why does the income distribution of our profession mimic that of our country?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for single payor, a free ride, or income redistribution.  But this podcast will discuss the ridiculous difference between our profession and that of dentists, NP’s, PA’s, PT’s, and really any other health care specialist that enters the market.  They have relatively fixed and standardized opportunities (that are quite nice) and… we don’t.

But there are a few solutions out there.
Enjoy the podcast and #keepmoving

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