Staff vs. Tech Driven Practice

Which is the model for the future?

Life gets busy. It gets real. And, it can get very mess – yours and the lives of your employees.

I hate to put it that bluntly, but it is the truth. Tragedy and hardship are not always in our control. In fact, the severe varieties are rarely in our control and they generally come without any warning.

Would you be okay if a few terrible things happened to you or those you employ?

As hard as it sounds and as cruel as it may be, you have to ask yourself this question in order to be prepared for inevitable misfortune. And if you are running a staff driven practice with minimal technological assistance, you are vulnerable.

Don’t get me wrong. I know many offices doing incredibly well under the staff driven model. But what happens if someone has to leave with only a days notice? What if two of your employees leave for a better opportunity? How will you pick up the slack? Will those people be easily replaceable? Will their tasks be covered quickly and efficiently?

Maybe you are a delegating boss and can answer all those questions in positive certainty. But, maybe not. If less certainty is the case, consider these things:

  • How am I doing my new patient intake?
  • How am I doing my assessments?
  • How am I doing my patient education?
  • How am I doing my at-home exercises or recommendations?
  • How am I taking payments or payment plans?
  • How am I doing my scheduling?
  • How am I doing billing and collections?
  • What services does my phone provider offer?
How much Staff vs. Tech?

There are many other considerations, but the previous list covers a considerable portion of what good technology can either do or significantly streamline in your practice. Obviously a busy and growing practice needs someone to oversee these things. But unless that practice sees an incredible volume (100’s of patients per day), you probably shouldn’t need more than one person. That’s right, one solid employee or 2 part-time staff should be able to assist a doctor or multiple doctor’s with those tasks. That’s only true if you have the right tech.

Just like all other industries, we need to embrace technology to do the simple tasks so the humans we pay can be more efficient at doing complex tasks that generate a better bottom-line. It’s that simple – reduce overhead and improve dollars generated per hour worked. That’s a beautiful recipe for a successful and fulfilling practice.

Our 3 Headed Monster of Tech Awesomeness…

  1. ChiroTouch – practice management machine
  2. TeleCare Rx – Video based patient education, assessment, home exercise, and infinitely scalable engagement machine.
  3. Demand Force – virtual assistant with practice communications, marketing, and reputation management

Ensure that you have a multi-headed monster of tech awesomeness so you can survive and thrive now and into the future.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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