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Dunning Kruger Effect & Making Your Knowledge Relatable

The Dunning Kruger effect.  The inability to recognize one’s lack of ability.

From personal experience, I believe that a lot of chiropractic students who transition to private practice struggle with the Dunning Kruger effect.  But it’s not what you might think.  And it’s not really their fault.

Chiropractic school is all about passing boards and not killing people.  Private practice is all about connecting with patients and transitioning knowledge into absorbable bites.  In other words, how students are trained is roughly the exact opposite of how they will need to successfully practice.

The struggle with the Dunning Kruger effect isn’t based on stupidity or intellectual ignorance, but rather due to young doctors being virtual extensions of textbooks and exams.  It’s been beaten in their minds to do all these things that are true and real, but not often pertinent.  They will be able to site research and have high level intellectual conversations with patients who couldn’t care less.  They will dominate the incubator of student clinic but fail epically in the jungle of real-world practice.

Solution? – Make your knowledge relatable.

This podcast discusses the idea of taking all this expertise and transitioning it to the real world.  The trick is to make it easy and convenient.  If you can transition ease and convenience into your expertise in a relatable fashion, your patients will not only care about what you say now but care about everything you will ever say.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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