Enough with the New Patients Already

Recap, Restart, Refocus

Season 1 & 2 are behind us and it is now time for Season 3.

Conceptual Awareness and the Push to 50% market share will be the driving force behind this season.  The previous seasons have been a lot about previous experience and added outside perspective.  The combination of these things into ‘bite-sized’ concepts will help every chiropractor willing to listen understand how to generate a patient-centered practice and improve our professional outlook.

You can’t go on Facebook or Instagram without seeing 5 different consultants or practice management firms beating the “new patient” drum.

  • 30 new patients in 30 days
  • $20,000 increase in 1 month
  • Triple your practice overnight

These are but a few of the hooks seen on social feeds trying to entice chiropractors toward the old model of operation that has lead to no change in market share and only a small portion of the market.  It’s time to move beyond begging for new patients or doubling recommendations as practice growth strategies.  There is a better way.

What you do when the patient walks in the door will dictate what they say when they leave.  If they love what you do they will say nice things.  If they love the look and feel of your office they will share that with their friends.  If they love the convenience and technological advancements in your practice, they will tell anyone and everyone who may need your help.

What should you take away?

It doesn’t take to long to realize that its not about new patients in the door or the length of treatment recommendations.  Nope!  It’s all about these 3 things:

  1. Take good care of your patients and deliver good results
  2. Have a clean and inviting office environment
  3. Ensure technological convenience for you and the patient

Succeeding on these three levels will keep you happy and busy.  More importantly it will help you avoid the desperation of needing tons of new patient, not to mention help you sleep at night.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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