The Danger of Old School Thought

In Practice and Education, It is Killing the Profession

Last week we talked about fear and vulnerability.  This week we will discuss the old school thought process that permeates both the practicing profession and it’s educational system.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the power of the adjustment and I believe that nothing will replace it.  However, if we are operating on the same thought as those in the early days, we are doing the profession a disservice.  

Yet, the data shows that we are most likely stuck in old school thought for 2 distinct reasons:

  1. We haven’t grown in market share for decades
  2. There is a huge gap between successful doctor and new grad

Unless we change the way students progress through school and the way established doctors create opportunities for new grads, our profession will be in trouble.  We will be stuck in old school thought, we won’t see more than 10% of the population, and new grads will have little to no opportunity.

Honestly though, how long can schools keep up the charade?  How long can established doctors have a predatory mindset with new graduates?

Think about it, if a publicly traded company showed little to no growth for 10 months, you’d probably want to be investing your money elsewhere.  Chiropractic hasn’t grown much in market share for several decades.  When will quality prospective students just decide to sell insurance instead of become chiropractors?  If they look at the data, they probably should start right now.  

This can’t be a reality.  

As established doctors we must provide better opportunities and close the gap by having open and honest conversations with new doctors.  On the other side, young doctors need to seek out different styles of thought as well as mentorship, coaching, and development to help them be business ready day 1 after graduation.

If both sides can succeed the profession can thrive and grow in a manner unfathomable… without fathom.  

Do your part and #keepmoving

P.S. The boomers will be gone and medicare will be broken at some point.  

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