How to Avoid the Paralysis of Fear

Fear and vulnerability limit change. Let them go to experience growth.
Let Reality Crush Fear as You Embrace Vulnerability as a Weapon

Whether in school, in life, or in practice, we’ve all experienced fear. 

The paralysis from this emotion is demoralizing.  But, far worse, is when it prevents us from growth as we seek shelter in it.  That cozy dark section of our mind where no one can judge us or make us feel dumb.  That damp corner where nothing changes and surely nothing grows.

So, yet another paradox to deal with.  Stay comfy and never flourish or risk judgement and unleash your true potential. 

The answer is obvious, but the method of converting fear into confidence is excruciating.  I’m not going to sugar coat that at all.  It really sucks… but, it’s totally worth it.

This podcast dives into the silliness of fear and the misconceptions surrounding vulnerability. 

Much of this came to light in a conversation with Danielle Eaton.  Her business is Aligned Practice, where she has helped countless chiropractors work less so they can live more.  She shared a funny story surrounding shredding a copy of a patient’s drivers license and stressing severely over mentioning it to the head clinician.  When she finally told Dr. Nelson about the license he said, “okay, just get another copy at the next appointment.”  Then he smiled and walked away.

Why Should We Try?

Fear sucks.  It throws us into anxiety and stress and often needlessly.  It threw a successful young women into negative self talk and shame.  But that was all internal.  Externally, when it actually came into the real world, it barely hit the radar.

Thankfully, Danielle can now laugh at this story as she consults chiropractors to get more from their time and live a “fully fulfilled” life.  Yet, had she stayed in the shelter of her fear she would have never materialized.  She would have never impacted her community.  She would have never created so much change and positivity within the profession.  She wouldn’t have allowed herself to be her.

Let’s all take a moment to do a self-audit with how we handle our fear.  Next, develop a strategy to unleash fear from your brain and let it out into the world.  Most often, you’ll be ashamed of your wasted time as you see your perceived fear evaporate in reality. 

For more help with understanding fear and accepting vulnerability as a strong weapon for your personal growth, check out anything from Brene Brown.

Yeah Women!  

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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