3 Steps to Improve Reviews & Grow Your Practice

Improve Reviews by focusing on just 3 things
Improve Reviews with Focus on Ease, the Office, & the Ask

It’s important to improve reviews.  When done frequently, quality reviews will be a huge benefit to your practice for the following reasons:

  1. They appear where new patients look most often.
  2. If they are high quality and frequency, they will improve your SEO (findability)
  3. They will act as a key performance indicator of your BRAND!

So, if you get great reviews and you get them often your practice should be growing.  However, if they are low quality reviews, you will hear and understand what is wrong with your practice. 

But don’t panic if they are bad. It’s actually good to know what is bothering your patients or leaving them hesitant about returning. Once you know what these things are, the next step would be to fix those things.  So, all good things!

But, how do you improve reviews?

There are many ways to get better reviews.  However, this podcast focuses on the three I believe to be not only the most influential, but also the easiest to adapt quickly in our practice. They are as follows:

  1. Office Flow & Environment
  2. Confidence and Connection
  3. ASK FOR THEM!  (Through an auto-responder)

If you need some help, here are a list of simple to expansive Auto-Responder Software – Mailchimp, Doctible, DemandForce

The podcast does the deep dive, but the concept is to have a smooth and easy progression from the website to your front door.  Next, have a CLEAN and NEAT office with an inviting and comforting staff.  Then you can knock their socks off with your confidence as you build a “listening to understand” connection.  And finally, have an autoresponder email request them to leave a review with the click of a button.

Easy, right?  It can be if you pay attention to these things.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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