Make a Great First Impression with Patients

The patient's first impression of you and your office will dictate your relationship
First impressions are everything. 

Whether you are dating, doing job interviews, or managing a new patient, a first impression  shapes the future of your relationships.  Do well and you begin an easy progression.  Do poorly and everything stops before it can start.

Unfortunately for most young or new chiropractors, school did not prepare you to make a great first impression.  On the contrary, school actually prepared you to do poorly.  Nearly everything you were forced to do in school stacks the deck against you when you start your practice.

Before you go crazy and start marching on your alma mater, hear me out for a moment.  Schools are setup to ensure you pass boards and manage to not kill anyone.  They are not set up to help you understand the subtleties of doctor-patient communication.  Your clinicians weren’t focused on helping you learn the psychology of decision making.  

Pass Boards,  Don’t Kill Anyone.  Those are their main objectives.  So it only makes sense that fresh chiropractors struggle with crushing the first impression.  

This podcast dives into these concepts:

  1. The 3 S’s that screw up the first impression
  2. The 3 C’s that help you conquer a patient’s first visit.

Enjoy and #keepmoving

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