Now is the Time for Chiropractic

Pandemic, Public Perception, & Professional Solutions

Hey People,

Welcome back to the ChiroPCP podcast.  Last week we touched on “down time” and now it’s all about opportunity and the current state of chiropractic and healthcare in general.

Unfortunately, we aren’t fully ready for what the pandemic has provided in terms of public perception.  Never before have so many people been looking away from drugs and surgery and toward conservative methods to produce and maintain health.  Yet, we aren’t optimally positioned to take advantage of that opportunity.


Our institutions, our established professionals, and our graduating doctors are missing key components to make that optimization a reality.

  1. Schools – They need to start being honest and providing a better pathway for students.  We need doctors walking into practice with all the tools necessary to succeed in chiropractic and business.
  2. Established Professionals – We need to stop feeding on the newest crop of graduates, handing them crap opportunities and little more than frustration.
  3. Graduating Doctors – You all need to get out and fail now so you can succeed later.  You need to develop some GRIT by putting yourselves in tough situations and making them comfortable and manageable.  Coming out of school should see you with all the momentum you need to succeed.

So, we all have our parts!  This podcast covers them all in depth.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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