Down Time – Blessing or Curse?

Are you Seizing the Opportunity During Close Downs?

Yo People,

Welcome back to the ChiroPCP podcast.  We hope you are enjoying the content and using the actionable items to improve your Patient Centered Practice!

The last few episodes have come from conversations with some elite level chiro’s from my graduating class.  This episode steps away from their shared expertise and engages a situation that many of us are feeling this very moment – The Office is Closed.

Heavy snow fall and sub zero temperatures have rocked a major section of the country.  For many of the business in these areas, that means they are closed to business.  They did nothing wrong.  Sickness was not an issue.  They didn’t oversleep.  Nope, Mother Nature said, “Err-body stayin’ home today!”

In these small scenarios, as well as the large scenario of the pandemic, it’s important to understand the situation as being a blessing and not a curse.

That said, I am guilty of initially being pissed off!  Yesterday, the day was full and the week was nearly maxed.  The initial downshift of patient flow from the beginning of the new year was over and we were back to rockin’ and rollin’.  But, Mother Nature produced a different reality, and I found offense.  

After resolving my inner immaturity, I shifted to a more productive approach.  Just like everyone else, I find myself wishing I had more time to do the things that would help the global picture of my life and practice.   And though that’s a fact, I was missing the opportunity placed at my feet – the Blessing!

This episode dives into these concepts and encourages you to find the blessing in downtime regardless of your scenario.  

We all want more time (the game is always against us), don’t miss the opportunities when extra time is provided.

Good luck and #keepmoving

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