Chiropractic Burnout – 5 Ways to Avoid It

Chiropractic burnout will drain you to zero without these 5 things
Lessons Learned from Dr. Jason Hulme

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Last week we borrowed the expertise from Dr. Clay and Dr. Travis.  This week we do the same with Dr. Jason Hulme of Active Spine and Joint Center in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  

Whether it’s at his office humming with 2 associates and a solid staff or on his Facebook Live show “2 Docs,” Dr. Jason is getting things done.  Aside from that, he is also an adjunct professor, presenter, and consultant for chiropractic colleges, MPI seminars, and any chiropractor looking to inject solid assessment and rehab principles into their practices.  Long story short, he’s a busy dude and we are grateful for the time he gave us last week.

One of the gems I grabbed from Jason was his clinic’s acceleration once a solid and consist system was implemented to generate predictable results.  He uses and teaches SFMA to not only generate positive results for his patients but also scale his practice with a common language.  Because all of the doctors in the practice use the same assessment and treatment flow, it is easy to co-manage patients and open up time for other opportunities and adaptations.  

With this setup, it is easy to see that Dr. Hulme doesn’t show any signs of chiropractic burnout.  And why would he?  He is currently dominating the 5 ways to avoid it.

Be Awesome and Avoid Burnout

This podcast dives into all 5 ways to avoid chiropractic burnout, but the concepts are easy.  The first 3 revolve around how you get things done.  The last 2 are the benefits you will reap to expand not only your practice, but your entire existence.

  1. Outcomes – generate great and consistent outcomes
  2. Systems – have solid systems that reinforce and scale the ability to generate outcomes
  3. Efficiency – fine tune the systems to make generating outcomes easy
  4. Opportunity – take advantage of extra time and resources to practice and/or live better
  5. Adaptation – always be looking to adapt and grow so that being awesome never gets old

I hope you enjoy the show and again, thank you much to Dr. Jason for his time.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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