Why is Chiropractic Stuck?

Chiropractic and CrossFit & 3 Things that Hold Us Back

In reading Seth Godin’s book “Tribes,” I came to several realizations. One in particular stood out when he discussed the emergence of the CrossFit tribe.

Globo-gyms, personal trainers, and boot-camps had been around for years if not decades. While they all offered the same thing (better looks and health), none ascended to the level where CrossFit now stands. Why?

All had cult-like followings. All shared a common interest. Why did CrossFit succeed to such a higher level than any of its predecessors?

The answer is simple. They focused on quantitative instead of qualitative measures and rallied around a centralized leadership team. Doing so allowed them to prove consistent results and maintain a consistent product and message.

Can Chiropractic do the same?

This podcast is focused on understanding the parallels and differences be CrossFit and Chiropractic. It also touches on the 3 biggest things preventing Chiropractic from enjoying a similar success (Fear, Shame, and Safety).

Hopefully you can take some gems.
Hopefully we can all move forward and beyond 7-10% of the market.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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