Are You Doing Weird Things?

Strange Decisions Effect the Entire Profession

If Jerry Kennedy has learned one thing in his time as a chiropractic consultant, it’s that chiropractors will make some weird decisions.

Dr. Jerry graciously gave me an hour of time to discuss his experience as a chiropractic consultant.  His business can be found at and his specialty is patient-centered chiropractic marketing.  He’s a great guy with a robust membership site full of “how to” videos that help chiropractors with marketing and business awareness.

As promised, I took some gems from the conversation and shared them in the podcast.  The main points are as follows:

  • As a profession we will jump at the “get rich quick” scheme without having the infrastructure to support it now or into the future.
  • Many struggling docs will be looking for these schemes, but neglecting to invest in the foundations of a good business structure.
  • Because of this, our profession continues to not only struggle with succeeding, but also with providing solid opportunities for incoming doctors.
  • Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Do I know that a solid business has 7 Divisions? (Can you name and describe them)
  2. Does my practice identity align with my passion to be a chiropractor?
  3. Am I making decisions that support that connection and make my life easier over time?

Enjoy the podcast to fill in the gaps.  
As always, #keepmoving

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