The Biggest Struggle for Chiropractors

Lack of Outcomes? Fear of Failure? Insurance?… Nope

Dr. Danielle Eaton of Aligned Practice was so kind as to give us an hour of her time to discuss her extensive experience dealing with chiropractors as an expert consultant.  

A quick view at the timeline shows her and I attending Logan at roughly the same time (2009).  She, like so many of us, started her own practice and embraced the entrepreneurial grind of business development.  After several years, she realized that the passion for the model she was operating was dwindling as her calling to be a mother intensified.  So, she forced a pivot in her career moving towards consulting.

Over the course of 4 years, she built a large membership-based business model that also offered premium 1 on 1 consulting.  Many of us would be ecstatic with hundreds of happy members and the ability to charge $700 for a 1-hour strategy session, but Danielle wants to have an even bigger impact.  To see what she’s doing now, head over to Aligned Practice website at

This podcast discusses a few of the bigger take-aways from our conversation.  But, it focuses on one thing – THE BIGGEST STRUGGLE FOR CHIROPRACTORS.  I thought it would be getting out.  You know, being in front of people.  And while it is a major struggle for many of us, it isn’t the biggest struggle.  Time and again, the thing her community referenced was consistency… or lack there of.

Enjoy the podcast to understand why consistency may be an issue and how we can attack it.  Hope you find some gems.

Good luck and #keepmoving,

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