What the Best Chiropractors Do on Social

Can You Learn Something From the Best?

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to the ChiroPCP podcast.  We are starting a brand new season today with some significant changes.  

Aside from shorter podcast, we are increasing our reach into the profession to bring you more value to each episode.  I will be meeting with as many successful chiropractors as I can as well as doing research into best practices.  All with the hopes of leveraging each episode into something that can help your practice and our profession.

Welcome to Season 2!

This episode will discuss what the best chiropractic offices are doing with respect to social media.  From how many posts per week to the method of content marketing, we will cover the things that are working for 3 different practices.

Not only that, these practices represent very different philosophical constructs and business structures.  Yet, they are all successful in building a brand and impacting a community.

Enjoy the show.  And remember, if no one knows you’re out there, you really don’t exist.

Let’s make our profession better,
Dr. J

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