Chiropractic Opportunities – Be Ready

2020 was a grind for many, but 2021 will be full of chiropractic opportunities
A Review of 2020 & Improvements for 2021

Welcome Back Peeps!

How’s that title for search engine optimization?! Chiropractic opportunities should be rich in 2021.

It’s a game we must play and an improvement we will make in this the 22nd year of the 21st century.  That’s right, do the math my friends.  2020 will soon be a thing of the past – thank God!  2021 will be a year filled with unprecedented opportunities for the chiropractic profession.  If this is indeed true, we must prepare.

Like all surviving businesses and platforms, ChiroPCP can improve from a yearly review.  In this the first year/season of the podcast I learned a great deal:

  1. Podcasting can be very hard.  Sometimes the topics punch me in the face and flow with ease.  Other times I have a general idea but piecing it together in a cogent fashion while practicing chiropractic, running a CrossFit gym, coaching youth sports, and being a husband and father can be a bit of a challenge.
  2. The profession is struggling with the same problems it has for decades.  From conversations with patients and other DC’s it is evident that the perception of the field hasn’t changed a great deal.  Furthermore the chiropractic opportunities for recent grads are few.  And many are gross in terms of ethical practice.  Very sad!
  3. I can get better and serve more.  I don’t want this to get all biblical, but it’s true.  In my assessment of my year as a human I have much room for improvement.  And much of that improvement can bring greater levels of value to those around me, as well as myself.
So what will change for ChiroPCP?  

I’ve wrestled with the question for a few days.  Based on these sessions of pontification and the many discussions with other DC’s, I’ve come to a few conclusions.  They are as follows:

  • As it’s primary goal, ChiroPCP will continue to focus on  increasing the market share of the chiropractic profession through personal growth, business growth, and evidence-based outcomes.
  • I will seek to do this in a few new ways:
    1. Increasing interviews with current and prospective chiropractors to expand my knowledge base and the bring it to the community.
    2. Refine my capacity to solve problems within the Chiropractic profession via my own work within the trenches – private practice.
    3. Identify common threads of belief and practice within the broad array of chiropractic diversity.

I hope to continue having fun and providing gems for you to immediately use in life and practice.  2020 was a tough year on many levels, but the universe is based on balance.  Let see 2021 as a great equalizer for our profession.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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