2 Things You Must Do in Practice to Avoid Wanting to Quit

Chiropractic Outcomes & Technology will help the profession avoid attrition

Social Posts, Disgruntled Profession, & a 2-Step Solution (Chiropractic Outcomes & Technology)

A recent social post from a respected colleague generated a crazy amount of comments. In summary, most were of the variety that a doctor of chiropractic would expect, but one answer came up over and over again – and it was kind of shocking.

The question was:

“If you could go back to chiropractic school, what would you do differently?”

Many of the answers were obvious to a doctor whose been out for few years.  For example, experience has slapped us all in the face with the reality that we shouldn’t have taken out so much debt. We should have lived a more frugal lifestyle.   Moreover, other answers surrounding caring less about grades and more about competency, as well as seminars and mentors peppered the comments here and there.

But, what was the answer that knocked me off my feet?  What was the answer that may have been the most common of all?

“Not go”

It came up over and over with varying levels of anger, frustration, and bitterness.  Though it is real in the profession, it shouldn’t be the case.

This podcast dives into the 2 things that current, new, and future doctors need to consider and utilize if we are to grow and prosper as a profession. Chiropractic Outcomes & Technology can bring us together as a profession and see more of us succeed and thrive.

  • Chiropractic Outcomes – Those routed in a common-sense and reproducible approach will allow us to operate from a consistent template. However, we can maintain our practice methods and identity so long as it doesn’t violate patient outcomes.
  • Chiropractic Technology – The profession must move forward with Patient-Centered options. Having technology that makes it easy for the doctor and the patient will reduce our stress while maximizing community impact.

Enjoy, Good Luck, and #keepmoving

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