Is Your Practice 2021 Ready?… It Should Be!

The End is Near… In a Good Way!

Welcome back my Chiro Crew,

We took some time off last week to chill out with the family.  Hopefully you did the same in a very safe manner so we can stay on top of this pandemic thing.

Speaking of the pandemic, how will it change how you plan for 2021?  Have you planned for 2021?  Do you know what I’m talking about when I say the word “plan?”

Hopefully you take planning seriously.  If not, this podcast will help you understand why you should.  You may also want to reference the Marketing Diamond podcasts from earlier this year to get you fully prepared.

To cut to the chase, people are still a little freaked out with the colder months coming.  We seem to have survived Thanksgiving, but we have Christmas and New Years quickly approaching.  Add Flu Season to the mix and it is understandable that hospital resources are once again at the forefront of many community decisions.

But how long will this last?

It is my belief that the United States will be vaccinating the vulnerable by the end of the year.  Recent reports say that 100% of the US population will have the opportunity for vaccination by the end of June.  Say what you must about vaccinations, but do realize that the majority of the population will feel much better when they are available.  Legislators and community leaders will have something to protect their political capital.  In other words, your target market will once again be comfortable scheduling an appointment with you.

This podcast focuses on what you must do now to survive and thrive by the end of 2021’s second quarter.

Enjoy and #keepmoving

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