Chiropractic Marketing – What You Must Do Now!

chiropractic marketing
Old School Methods, New Age Methods, and What’s Working Now

Welcome Back Chiro Brothers and Sisters,

A new wave of COVID-19 has us all a little concerned about the future of our communities and our ability to deliver services.  I hope this podcast finds you well and in a position to deliver services and value to your patients.

This podcasts discusses Marketing and specifically what every chiro needs to be doing right now.  Old school methods are okay, but they are largely irrelevant or impossible right now.  Many new-age things are great, but businesses know that and will exploit you over simple things.  Regardless, you need to know the tried and true methods of marketing that never change – pandemic or not.

Lastly, I give you my key focus points for marketing upgrades or fresh starts for both existing docs as well as aspiring student and those that are fresh out.

As always, I hope this resonates with you on at least a few levels.  At a minimum I hope it helps you develop your ideal Patient Centered Practice (ChiroPCP).  We need to serve 50% of the population.  A step in that direction starts right now.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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