Long or Short Term Treatment Plans?

Guess What… You’re Both UGLY!

Welcome back my friends.  Did I ruffle some feathers there?  Are panties now in a significant bunch?  Are you chaffing?  

Okay, let’s nestle down a bit and talk about today’s topic – Treatment Plans.

Much like our country’s current political climate, Treatment Plans are polarizing within our profession.  Long plans, hundreds of visits, and thousands of dollars go up against no plans, 3 visits or less, and hundreds of dollars.  In the end, they only differ by how much the doctor makes.  That probably explains why so many chiropractors do long term treatment plans.  They might as well have something to show for it.

That is sad and damaging to our profession.  Just like in politics, the majority of the profession lives in the middle 70-80%.  This zone represents doctors who may lean to one side or the other, but are will to bring the patient into consideration.   We think about the type of outcomes we generate compared to the financial obligations we place on the patient.  We are reasonable.  Yet, the people on the edges generally dominate the conversation, both inside and outside the profession.

This podcast discusses the 2 factors that you must consider when adapting your treatment plan length (as well as your treatments in general):

  1. Does the patient actively participate?
  2. Are the outcomes sustained and objectively verified at high intensity?

If you can “truly” answer yes to these question – proceed sir.  If not – it’s time to make changes for you, your patients, and the profession.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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