Does Your Personality Cut Your Practice in Half?

Knowing Yourself is Critical, Being Likeable is Crucial

It’s election night.   It will be the most historic voter turnout and potentially the most violent aftermath of a presidential election.  People are scared, concerned, angry, proud, hopeful, and intolerant.  And some are all of these things at the same time.

Oh boy, I’m glad I signed up for this!

It’s only right that 2020 would throw us yet another crap sandwich.  Yet, this is also a great time to reflect inward as well as understand on the periphery.  

Who are you? And, who are the people around you?
Can you answer those questions with certainty?
Can you answer those questions accurately?

Knowing exactly who you are and what you want is critical.  But being respectful to others and their differing opinions is what separates assholes from leaders.  

This podcast thoroughly discusses that topic, as well as  the importance of knowing all personality styles.  Achieving this capacity allows a patient-centered practice to grow and thrive.  Missing this opportunity ensures cutting a target market by 50-75%.  

Enjoy the episode and make sure you react to the results of the election with everyone in mind.  The world needs a hell of a lot more leaders and quite a few less assholes!  Make the right choice.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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