The Big Vacation Question

Does the amount of vacation represent your success?

It’s a question that we are forced to ask ourselves?  How many weeks of vacation can you take?

If you look at Facebook or Instagram it’s almost a badge of honor or a status symbol.  The longer you take off the cooler you are.  Similar to the system that takes you from 12K in revenue to 120K in just 60 days!

Listen, I’m all about making money.  Yet, I also think its important to not always believe the hype.  Too many systems and quick fixes are out there that end up putting chiropractors in even worse positions.  I think that’s wrong and shameful.  But, only you can decide on how you feel.

This podcast focuses on vacations and whether you should take 2-3 weeks off or a couple of days here and there.  

The answer is – whatever floats your boat and helps you deliver for your patients.  Honestly, it has nothing to do with your preference, but more to do with your bottom -line.  

The sooner you can “net” a good income, the sooner you can start exercising your financial freedoms.  Therefore, a simple start can yield a great bottom-line in very short amount of time.  On the contrary, a bulky start with multiple “pot holes” may dig you a deeper debt hole.  Try to avoid that.

Enjoy, Good Luck, and #keepmoving
Dr. J

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