Can’t Find Your Passion?

Life Get’s Hard – Passion Gets You Through

Anxiety, Fear, and Depression will get to us all.

Do we have an antidote – a defense to their devastating effects?

I believe a major portion of the answer surrounds our understanding and presentation of Passion.  But what if you don’t have any?  What if it is hard to find or express?

Well, this podcast is dedicated to helping you understand the 4 triggers or switches of passion.  

Many of us focus on the most obvious – being passionate about “what” you do.  But when we realize that the coolest portions of what we do only represent about 5% of our life, it gets daunting.  That’s probably why so many people are looking for something “greener.”  Yet, when they get their they realize it’s the same old crap on a different shade of turf.

Not to worry, there are 3 other triggers to passion – your why, your how, and your who.  Understanding these and intensifying them in your life may be your ticket to restored passion.

Enjoy the podcast and hopefully you can a few gems that make each coming day a little brighter.

Good luck and #keepmoving

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