Does Your Practice Need a Checkup?

What We Do Now Shapes What We Get Tomorrow

Hello my friends,

Welcome back to the ChiroPCP podcast.

Last week we discussed the progression of the profession.  This week we focus on your practice and it’s need for a checkup.  

This all stems from a recent presentation I gave to the Logan FTCA (Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance).  Instead of discussing common topics like treatment and diagnosis, I spoke on what students need to do now to be ready for tomorrow.  I focused on everything outside the normal chiropractic curriculum.  What I learned from the students was unfortunate.

These students were bright.  They engaged in the presentation even though it was over zoom.  They had great questions and showed true intelligence.  Unfortunately, they had the very same fears and concerns that I experienced over a decade ago.  In other words, we have done little over the last decade to prepare chiropractic students to succeed quickly in practice.

This podcasts acts as a checkup for your practice on the following levels:

·        Are you tracking statistics and are you interpreting them correctly?

·        Have you stepped back to look at the broad picture of your practice?

·        Do you understand the dichotomies that surround your practice?

·        Are you getting business help from outside the profession?

Enjoy the podcast.  Hopefully, you have great answers to every question.  If so, we can provide better opportunities for young doctors and start taking the chiropractic profession to the next level.

Good luck and #keepmoving


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