Where Should the Profession Go?

Assessments, Research, Flow, and Outcomes

The question has been ever present since I went through school in 2006-2009 – In what direction does the profession need to move?

Over the last 10 years, I’ve seen a lot and I’ve learned a lot.  No matter how confident I am with my assessments and treatments, I can always do better.  I can always learn more.  And my outcomes can always improve.  

I think the profession as a whole needs to operate from this mindset.  We can never stop learning, adapting, improving, and recycling the process.

Aside from that, this podcast focuses the true giants in the conservative care space.  I highlight chiropractors such as Craig Liebenson and Greg Rose, but also Kelly Starrett and Gray Cook (physical therapists).  They have all collaborated to give us epic texts that guide us in terms of assessment and treatment.  

So now we circle back to the question – where does the chiropractic profession need to go?

Well, we obviously need to see more than 10% of the population if we want to see our communities beat the chronic disease monster.  But, a better question may be – how do we do that?

I firmly believe that if the profession shows more solidarity in the following areas, we will see massive improvement over the next decade:

  1. Consistent physical capacity assessments (PCA) for acute care patients and patients starting care for chronic issues
  2. Pioneering research to broaden the PCA assessment to include more upper spine and extremity data
  3. A flow towards Functional Movement Screens with sub-acute and progressing patients to reduce recurrence and maintain/develop capacities
  4. Cap off treatment with a patient that can safely and confidently walk into CrossFit/Orange Theory/F45/HIIT/Functional Training

If we are the pioneers in not only improving patient outcomes, but fighting chronic disease, we will win in the court of public opinion and substantially increase the objective data that supports our profession as being the best place for pain patients to start.

Here’s to the next 10 years crew!!!

Good Luck and #keepmoving

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