Will you BE/HIRE an associate or independent contract?

The decision doesn’t matter as much as the awareness and agreement

In many ways, it is the most important question a chiropractic student will answer. Will I be an associate or an independent contract?

Several years later, if things go well, the questions shifts a little. Will I hire an associate or an independent contract?

There is no right or wrong decision, just the results and response.  Currently, the decisions made on each side aren’t doing much for the professions development.  

The progression of a MD as an intern, resident, and fellow virtually guarantees certain capacities. They tend to graduate as confident health care providers with well paying jobs.  They have structured well.

Take a look at the chiropractic profession and you will see major problems.  New and under-prepared doctors are thrown into the market to be overwhelmed if not consumed by any and all things.  Even worse, existing chiropractors are the primary offenders.  New doctors have few options, so agreements are generally scaled heavily toward the existing doctor.  We have structured poorly.

This podcast discusses the various options, considerations, and obligations of both the new chiropractor as well as the hiring chiropractor.  With any luck, we can start providing better opportunities to strengthen the progression of young doctors.  Doing so will guarantee a higher likelihood of the profession seeing more than 10% of the population – not to mention our attrition rate dropping substantially.

This only happens if both sides participate without ignorance or stupidity… which, can sometimes be a lot to ask.  But, we will ask. And, we will do what we can to help push the trend in the right direction.  Restructuring starts today.

Enjoy, Good Luck, and #keepmoving

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