Are You Overwhelmed?

Some more than others, but it happens to us all.

From school, to starting a practice, to seeing the finish line, we all run into overwhelm.

Feeling like everything is too much or too hard can paralyze the strongest person. Thoughts of not being good enough or that the world is out to get us can make the smallest situation feel like an epic turning point. All of this is due to the emotional charges of overwhelm .

Young chiropractors will struggle with all the business responsibilities, processes, and systems that are necessary to simply open your doors let alone develop a thriving practice. More seasoned DC’s will continuously hear the voice in their head asking, “Are you running out of time? Have you done enough? Did you make the right choices? Are you building a worthwhile legacy?”

It can all be terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few things that can help you fight against negative emotions:

  1. Planning – whether you are at the beginning or nearing the end, a solid plan will smooth the path
  2. Pro-activity – a great plan means very little without action, don’t be afraid to take the wheel and take control of your course.
  3. Positive Mental Attitude – Eventually, you will take the wrong turn. It doesn’t define you – it’s just a transient learning opportunity
  4. Productivity – Nineteen things on your list is always better than twenty; and it’s always closer to zero!

I hope you enjoy this podcast. Don’t forget to like, share, comment, and follow. And, remember:

Anything doesn’t ever mean everything. But, everything does mean something. Don’t let little things define you. Rather, see each step as an opportunity to learn how to tackle the next one even better.

Good luck and #keepmoving


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