Finding Your Secondary Passion

Marketing Diamond Part 1

We got into this game because we had a significant passion for helping others.  As chiropractors, we dedicate our professional lives to delivering services that improve our patients.

If that’s not the case for you… you  got some problems.  If that sounds familiar, then we have some common ground on which to work.  

Marketing is the ugly word that many chiropractors don’t want to discuss.  However, if we change the focus on how we perceive marketing, then we can actually just unleash our contagious passion to the masses.  But, will anyone listen?

That is the topic of this podcast – Finding Your Secondary Passion.  Secondary passions are generally linked to our primary passion (chiropractic practice).  In this podcast, we discuss how combining these passions can help you develop a practice of raving patients that preach and practice everything they experience in your practice.

Get ready to improve on this the first part of the four part Marketing Diamond Series.
Good Luck and #keepmoving

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